Bova Neoflex

A high-wearing safety boot with all-leather upper and bellows tongue

Bova Neogrip

A durable high-flex safety shoe with leather upper and tongue

Bova Radical

A durable working safety shoe

Bova Chef

A unisex slip-on safety shoe, ideal for food preparation environments

Bova Chelsea

A lace-free unisex safety boot, popular in the agricultural sector

Bova Rigger

A tailor-made safety boot for the oil industry

Bova Bremen

A comfortable safety shoe with anti-fatigue engineering

Bova Sandal

A safety sandal recommended for individuals with Diabetes

Bova Hiker

An ultra-comfortable unisex safety boot in supple leather. Perfect for work and recreation

Bova Munich

A hard-wearing safety boot with anti-fatigue engineering

Bova Trainer

A versatile lace-up safety shoe in a comfy sport style

Bova Trier

A rugged safety boot offering support for outdoor terrain

Bova Challenger

A fashion-conscious safety shoe in striking blue

Bova Atlantis

A lightweight safety shoe in a modern sporty style

Bova Columbia

A lightweight safety boot with fashion stylings

Bova Discovery

A sporty-looking brown safety shoe, with orange trimmings

Bova Enterprise

A sporty-looking safety shoe with reflective tape additions

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